No audio after installing fan shim

Am running Retropie 4.7.1 on my Raspberry Pi 4 for the Picade which runs fine with audio and all but the moment I install the fan shim, all audio is lost. Have tried the various troubleshooting steps to common audio issues but to no avail.

Below are the command lines I used to install the fan shim:
git clone
cd fanshim-python
sudo ./

cd examples
sudo ./ —on-threshold 65 —off-threshold 55 —delay 2

Any ideas?

It’s likely a GPIO pin conflict. GPIO 18 (Pin 12) is used for Fan Control on the Fan Shim. It’s also the i2s clock signal for the sound on the Picade X Hat.
Fan SHIM at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
Picade X HAT at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

Thanks. Can the conflict be resolved or if not, does it mean that the fan shim can’t be used with the Picade Hat?

If you don’t install the fan shim software the sound will likely work. The clock signal is going to mess with the fan though. I would say no, not with out modifying the fan shim.