Pi4 ReSpeaker 2-Mic HAT + Fan Shim

Hello : I need help with 2-Mic HAT from ReSpeaker and Pimoroni Fan Shim to both work on to my Pi4 board. I don’t need any extra features of the fan shimm such as button, LED, etc. I just need it turn On at 65 and turn off at 50.

Pin out for the 2-Mic HAT is here: https://pinout.xyz/pinout/respeaker_2_mics_phat
Pin for fan SHIMM here: https://pinout.xyz/pinout/fan_shim

Is there a way to get this working?

The Fan on the Fan Shim will run continuously with no software installed, and will thus cool your Pi 4B. I think your still going to have issues even if you go that route though. The Fan shim fan control pin is GPIO 18 and that is used by the 2-Mic hat. Signals from or too the 2-Mic Hat on that pin will likely have the fan turn on off on off. Maybe even buzz etc.

So, keeping the fan ON permanently wouldn’t be a smart thing to do. The usage on these devices are intermittent but when they are in use, they get really hot.

Running the Fan continuously isn’t that big a deal. Mine is pretty well doing that now that summer is here. It will wear out that little bit quicker is all. You’ll have to unplug the power supply to make it stop when you do a shut down. That’s required software or no software anyway though.