NOIR camera cable

I can’t get the NOIr camera module ribbon cable attached to my Pi W, very basic fail I know!

When I tried to loosen the clip to attach it I broke the black plastic piece, this doesn’t bode well!

They are easily broken IMHO. Its a function of having to use that very small camera connector on a Pi Zero. You may be able to wedge something in like a piece or printer paper and have it stay in. Put the paper on the side that doesn’t have the bare copper connections. A piece of a carboard business card may also work. Like the ones you get for doctors appointment reminders etc.
Other than that your looking at buying another Pi Zero. And being very carful this time around.

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I had a similar problem and put a couple of layers of “scotch” tape on the opposite side to the contacts. It’s just enough to press it against the fingers.