Nvme base with Netac 512GB SSD

I just purchased your Nvme base with 512GB SSD
I have had tried many times to get Pi Os on the drive, originally crashed around 40% and attempts after that it only got to 2% before crashing
I have now managed to get the Os on the SSD (verified)
however it wont boot from the SSD drive only the SD drive
I have followed your install procedure making making the boot drive SSD
If i remove the SD card the Pi cannot find the SD card and wont boot
when the Pi is running from the SD card, I can see the bootfs for the NVMe SSD 512GB (it requires the Pi password to log in?) but all files seem to be there!

looking on the web i see others had issues with the 5V supply (different drives) however it was simple for me to add wires to get 5V on the Nvme base card (I dont have the SM connectors so it is not easy to remove)

This seems to have solved my problem!

I would recommend that Pimoroni fit this power connector as standard and supply a cable to stop the huge amount of time that i have wasted on this issue

I purchased bothe the card and SSD drive from Pimoroni, assuming that it would be a tried and tested solution (I was wrong!)