Official 7" Raspberry Pi Touch Screen FAQ

Hmmm… OK, so this gets very strange. Although the “workaround” I found worked for a while, now I’m in the same position - there is no longer anything in the /sys/class/backlight directory! My Pi is still running, but the touchscreen display is permanently OFF.

How can modifying a file result in the removal of the parent directory (and all it’s contents)?

The last thing I was doing was modifying the /home/pi/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart in order to get chromium running fullscreen on startup.

Well, this is depressing. First posts in 2015, and here it is Jan 2022 and I’m having the same problems. Specifically, upside-down Pi.
I’m running a Pi 4, Bullseye, and farted around with lcd_rotate=0-4, none worked. Tried display_lcd_rotate=0-4, none worked.
Connectors all good.
Touchscreen isn’t even recognized either, but one battle at a time. I’m very frustrated at having a problem that seems to have been fixed over 6 years ago. Pulling my hair out here, literally.
Ple-aze help!

There were big changes to how display drivers work in Bullseye so it’s very possible that the suggestions in this old thread are now out of date - you might have an easier time getting it working using Raspberry Pi OS Buster (available as ‘Legacy’ in Raspberry Pi OS imager).

If you want to persevere with Bullseye, this thread on the Pi forums might help: Pi Os bullseye not running on display inch 7 original raspberry - Raspberry Pi Forums . There’s also a Github issue about 7" screen compatibility here: Official Raspberry DSI 7" Display not working · Issue #4686 · raspberrypi/linux · GitHub

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What she said, Bullseye has introduced some new issues with the screen, and the old rotate commands don’t work. Post on the Pi foundation forum and you should be able to sort it out.
Official Display - Raspberry Pi Forums

The not running issue is I believe with a Pi 3B+, that one got me. I stayed on Buster on that Pi.
No problems on my Pi 4B though. I do see some fad to grey, but it does finally boot to desktop. Both of my screens have the ports down so I had no need to rotate.

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Thank you, I’ll head that way. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, I realized a bit ago it’s been 20+ years since I played with Linux (I was one of those who thought OS/2 was going to be the great MS killer… See me for stock tips!) and I literally sat there with a dumb look on my face trying to remember basic shell commands. Derp…
Thanks again