Raspberry Pi 7 Inch Touch Screen

Have the Raspberry Pi 7 inch touch screen, raspberry pi 3 and official raspberry pi power supply. Connected everything. Display shows only a rainbow of colors. Tried reconnecting ribbon cables. Raspian OS flashed onto micro sd card works fine with 3 inch Raspberry touch screen. Replaced 7 inch touchscreen and still the same problem. Tried jumpering boards between Rasp pi and adapter board. No luck. Used a dual micro usb cable connected to pi and display adapter ports and still no luck. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Take a photo of your setup and post it here - it helps if people can see what they’re dealing with!

Also, check:

  • Is the ribbon cable from the pi to the screen the right way round? (From memory, the silver connectors have to be facing inwards on the pi, towards the USB ports and upwards on the LCD Driver towards the ceiling)
  • Can you update the Raspbian OS? Use a different screen and connect to the internet, and then run sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade
  • Follow these instructions

Good luck!