On/Off shim extra features

I’ve solderd my On/Off shim and it works great! Installing the software was easy.

I’d like to know if:

  • is it possible to use the on/off shim also as a reset button (for example: press the button 5 seconds to initiate a reboot/reset?

  • I’m using the shim for a digital signage project. I wonder if it is possible to have the pi startup after an unexpected power outage, without having to press the on/off button. Now when there is a power outage, the pi automatically starts up after power is restored and this is very convenient :-)

kind regards,

Reset function - in principle, yes! I’ll pass that on to the team as a feature request. :-)

Auto start on power cycle - you could create this functionality by adding a latching circuit to the “BTN” header. Essentially if you make it so that when power returns the circuit emulates a button press then it could start the Pi up automatically.

If you use GitHub (or want to start) it’s a good idea to raise #1 as an “Issue” here: https://github.com/pimoroni/clean-shutdown

(clean-shutdown being the script that provides On/Off SHIM’s functionality)

ok, i’ve created the issue :-)

a latching circuit to the ‘BTN’ header…
sounds like chinese to me. I’m not that skilled I’m afraid.
Is there a place where I can find more about that?