OnOff-Shim button pins


I recently bought the OnOff shim for my Raspi 4 and I am wondering how to integrate it into the Flirc case. I think I will not use the socket but to solder the Pins directly to the GPIO pins. Additionally I will connect a 5V power supply to the USB connector directly by solderuing because there is no space in the case to install a Micro USB connector.

I have a question now regarding the “Button” pins on the PCB: is it the same functionality like the build-in switch, i.e a push button? Or do I have to connect a permanent switch ? Do you have a proposal for a tiny nice switch which can be integrated in the Flirc case, maybe even with lighting?

Thanks for answering!

The type of switch / button you need is a normally open, momentary contact switch.
The Arcade Buttons are that type. While pressed the two terminals are shorted together, and when released again they are an open circuit. It’s just an example of the type you need, as even the mini arcade is likely to big for your use.

The Button pins as far as I know just mirror the built in button. Your button would be wired up with the built in button. pressing either one will do the same thing.