Overclocking Picade, but undervoltage


I got a 10” Picade a little while ago, and I’m very happy with it. However, I now want to overclock my Pi 4.

I got hold of a Zalman ZM-NB47J oversized heatsink, but I must move the XHAT away from the Pi to make room for the heatsink.
A male-to-female GPIO 40 pin cable costs more than the Pi on Amazon, so I went with a 40 wire jumper cable set ( see picture please). For now the XHAT is hanging from the Picade, this is just a working setup, I plan to secure it later to the side of the Picade.

The Picade turns on all right, it’s running Lakka, which also works fine. However, I am getting constant low voltage warnings, and the Pi isn’t even over locked yet. I should have seen this coming, those rainbow jumper cables must cause too much of a voltage drop from the XHAT to the Pi.
My PSU is the oficial one (5.1v 3A).

I’d ask, how can I solve this? I thought maybe with a 12v PSU and a 5v power regulator between it and the XHAT?

I’ll be grateful for any recommendations both of setups and what to buy.

One way to do it is with this,

There is a fully assembled version if your not into soldering.
Plug the X Hat into the Hack3r and the ribbon cable into the Pi’s GPIO.

Or use this


And two male 40 pin headers. It would be a gender changer for one end of the ribbon cable.

Let me just say, I’m not 100% sure your jumpers are the reason for your undervolt warning. But one of the above solutions “should” fix it if they are the reason. It will definitely look better and be a lot easier to disassemble / reassemble when that situation arises.

Thanks a lot, alphanumeric, I’ll look into those. I think the cable with the gender changer will be the best solution for me.

For now, I got it to work by powering the screen with a separate PSU and a micro-USB cable, no more undervoltage warnings.

I’ve actually suggested that approach in another thread. Almost mentioned it here. Likely would have been my next suggestion. Nice sleuthing. =)

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Actually I saw this solution in another thread, just don’t remember which precise one - so it was probably your suggestion!