Pan-Tilt Hat, how zero the position heads from both servos?

Hi, I was wondering how to set the zero position for the servos as the horizontal servo is way out.

I was thinking of re-attaching the servo in the way it can move to left and right and ends up in correct positions but how do I tell the servo with a command that that’s his new zero position?

Sorry for poor English.

If I recall correctly the +/-90 gets converted into a pulse width (between some min and max value) in the Python library so it should just be a case of tweaking those values for your particular servo.

Hi, thanks for the feedback, it was indeed out with several degrees, so what I basically did was with the Pan Tilt HAT: Web Interface, moving left right to see in the console the output in degree: - - [22/Jul/2017 14:40:40] “GET /api/pan/90 HTTP/1.1” 200 -

Of course it was out and I guess about a 9-12 degrees, so I assume I need to turn off the PI in this pan 90 position and unscrew it and make sure that the servo and the foot is in line with the PI case. Will do that when I get my longer camera cable 20cm, as the 15cm one which came default with the camera is in my opinion a bit to short for using with the pan-tilt.

Then only thing left is to get the Pan-Tilt working with the RPI-Cam software, for which I need to get the dust of my programming skills :-)