Pan-Tilt Hat

I’m having an issue with the Pan-Tilt Hat I ordered at the end of last month (only just had time to play with it). The pan servo works fine, however the tilt servo goes from on end to the other without stopping. Any idea what the problem is?
By the way, you could do with some more simple examples just for the servos.

Do you mean tilt wont hit any angle other than -90 or +90? What happens if you try to set it to 0, or 45 or -45?

Yes, it either goes all the at to -90 or 90, doesn’t matter what value I use.

What happens if you swap the pan and tilt servo connections? Do you get the same behavior from pan?

Yes, the pan goes smoothly when I swap the servos over, while the tilt servo slams from one side to the other at about +/- 14 degrees. I also noticed that the pan servo doesn’t cover the full range of movement available when moving it manually without power on.

Well I’ve sorted out the issue with the pan mechanism by adding the calibration lines and adjusting the max and min values for servo 1. However the tilt servo is still slamming, I also noticed that the travel gets quite stiff near the zero position when moved unpowered, this happens in either direction.
Just tried a spare servo I have, it works as expected, moving smoothly from -90 to 90, looks like the tilt servo is faulty.

I’d guessed it might be! Ping us your order details at, referencing this thread, and we’ll arrange a replacement.

Forgot to say thanks! I sent an email but forgot to mention this thread.