Issue with pantilt hat

I’m having issues with the pantilt hat on a Pi3 with an official 2.5A power supply.

One of the servos (the pan one) doesn’t work regardless of which channel it’s plugged into, and whether I address it in software via ‘.pan’ or directly via .servo_one/two. (using the ‘’ test script’

It does jerk when the power is applied to the pi (the tilt servo does not) and it moves if I (carefully) move it manually.

The tilt servo works fine

Could it be a faulty unit?

Of the three Pan-tilts I’ve bought, two of them have had dodgy servos. One of them was bound completely and would barely move when I applied force, the other had to be re-calibrated to stop it reaching the full range of movement too early. It definitely sounds like it’s faulty, especially as you’ve swapped them over and it still doesn’t work.

Yikes, that’s a few more dodgy servo reports than I like to hear.

@major_tomm do you have the purchase dates for your three Pan Tilts, to see if we can track any specific batch as being faulty?

@davidhay similarly, you should drop a message to and request a replacement servo. It’s certainly not unheard of for them to be faulty. If you could drop your purchase date here, too, that would help! Thank you.

Will do! The unit was purchased march 22…