Pan-tilt hat help


Recently purchased 2 pi3 b+ with a noir cam and a pan-tilt hat, all installs fine latest release of raspbian, fully updated but upon running the in the examples the module just begins to move erraticaly and then crashes the pi, this happens both pi’s.

The only other thing installed is motion and this works fine.

When the pi is plugged in (official pi power supply) the pan-tilt module is off centre

Any help would be appreciated


It sounds like either some other running application or code is interfering with your setup, or you’ve not got enough power going to the servos. I don’t know if it’ll help the debugging process, but could you post a photo of your setup?


I will when I get home, its the stock power supply, new pi3b+, April’s release of raspbian, I have the noir cam plugged in with a 100cm ribbon cable and the only things installed is motion and pimoroni app, when the pi is powered up the jig the servos is attached to move as if zeroing calibration but it isn’t centred, then if I run it moves erraticaly and then crashes the pi I have to remove the power and plug it back in to power up again



Ok checking my power supplies out they are 5v 1.0a so i have ordered the official pi3 power supply 5.1v 2.5a


This is very likely to be the problem, the start up current of servos is pretty significant. Let me know how it goes.


Works perfect with the new psu, only thing I had to do is unscrew the jig and place the servo back down as zero was off on pan, just looking for a way to integrate it with the voice hat now


Excellent news, thanks for letting me know.