Pan-Tilt HAT Not Working

I have set up my Raspberry Pi and followed the guide to install the examples etc.

My issue is I when I run the “Smooth” program it starts moving and then stops and the Raspberry Pi freezes.

I watched in the command window and it ran to two positions before freezing the board altogether and needs to have a power cycle to reset.

None of the other examples have any response - the “Smooth” program is the only one that shows any life. (Except when I put power to the board - it jerks slightly)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

this sound like a power issue. What Pi is this on and how are you powering it up?

Ahh the one thing I didn’t try! This has sorted it out, I swapped to a proper power supply rather than the closest available USB port and it is working fine now.

Thanks for your time and help.

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