Pan&Tilt bad i2c connection?

So I’ve finally gotten around to trying my pan&tilt hat and it’s not recognized (with i2cdetect) with several of my raspberry pies (3 B+ and A+) unless I apply a very specific angle in the connection with the gpio pins. I don’t think it’s shorting with the hdmi port or anything, it’s really at the level of the gpio pins. Anyone having similar experience? Any solutions? Do I have a faulty hat? Thank you.

Have you pushed the HAT firmly down on the GPIO header? Are you using soldered or solderless headers?

This isn’t something I’ve come across before- usually the contacts within the header are pretty robust… sometimes too robust. We’ll figure it out, though!

I’m using the a+ and b+ with pre-soldiered pins. When the hat is firmly pushed down it doesn’t work (with or without standoffs). In order to work I have to elevate the non gpio end a few cms. The difference between working and not working is a mere millimeters!

Sounds like a fault with the HAT, and something we need to take a look at! Would you mind returning it to us for testing? I’ll DM you details and prepare a replacement for you.

I will only get home late tonight but I will film the i2detect thinggie with the connection when I arrive! Thank you very much !!