Pan-tilt unit with Raspberry PI compute Module

Hi there,

I want to use two cameras on Pan tilt unit with Raspberry pi compute module 3 (CM3). I struggle at the begging with cameras, however now I made two cameras work with compute module after following page

But I am still struggling how to use Pan tilt unit with CM3.
Please help me if possible.


I’d guess it’s possible, but what host board are you using for CM3? Does it have i2c breakout pins?

Good place to start:

Thanks I am using I am using compute module IO board V3

Same as this boar

I think I need to configure device tree (.dts) file. I tried but no luck

Looks like you should be able to wire PanTilt HAT into that board with jumper jerky and just run the regular library for it.

It only needs power, ground and an i2c bus so it shouldn’t be too tricky. I’d recommend sticking it on a mini Black H4t Hack3r and using female to female jumper jerky to make the conection.