Pantilthat _ use an external 5V supply for servos

Has anybody found a way to easily modify the hat so as to use a seperate 5V supply for the servos?

Configuration: Pi is powered from a LiPo, DC motors and LEDs powered from a NiMH pack. I want to power servos also from NiMH.


What voltage are you getting out of your NiMH pack?

Probably the easiest (and least destructive) way to achieve what you want is to use jumper wires to connect the data and ground pin from the PanTilt HAT servo headers to the connector on your servos. The servo connector would then have the power pin free for you to feed another supply in. You might want to do this with a bit of perfboard and some right-angle strip header for more secure connections, but loose wires will serve as a proof of concept.

There are 5 batteries in the pack so the predicated range will be 6.25V down to 5.5V. Will shut-off at 5.5V. I’m running this through a DC-DC for the LEDs to get a regulated 5V - Neopixel. Will use the 5V for the servos also. I’m a little worried about the discharge rate with all this going on - 1.3A based on the C/5.

Will go with your suggestion and make the change in the cabling - keep the integrity of the HAT. Never know what tomorrow brings.