PaperThin thin-client/server for Inky Frame

Want to do more processing than the pico can handle? Tired of the thrill of embedded tinkering and just want to turn it into boring dayjob Python webapp coding? PaperThin is a thin-client for the Inky Frame:

A tiny improved web client that understands reload-refreshing, JPEGs, PNGs, and a new version of the lossless hybrid RLE format I created for my Tufty conbadge, which means you can throw it lossless images without an SD card to buffer to.

Included is an extensible starter server, with an example that uses the power of an actual computer to go scrape images from The Guardian’s Week in Wildlife. (It’s generally more e-ink photogenic than NASA APOD.) There’s also an example overlay that graphs data from Prometheus-backed environment sensors. There’s also a library whch predithers images to the correct ink colors, which helps do a better job than just boosting saturation and can do fancier error-diffusion dithering. The panel itself is still weak at light blues and greens, but this does a pretty decent job considering.

Requires a rewritten main launcher, included, which is a drop-in replacement for the original that can hand-off more responsibilities to the app.

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Thanks for sharing. I am using a similar architecture (client/server) for my project GitHub - bablokb/pico-e-ink-daily: Display Daily Agenda on an E-Ink Display (version for Pico) which is running on an InkyFrame 5.7". Not implemented with Flask, but I have done a lot of Flask-programming before and I think that is a great framework.

I am tempted to integrate your image-stuff, since it would be nice to display an image if the agenda is empty.