Perma Proto board question

I have bought 3 Adafruit perma proto boards, and I know it might be a daft question, but which side of the board do you solder the pins or wires to.

The top side is numbered just like a bread board but there is copper on both sides, with the exception that the copper on the underside is joined along the 5 holes on the shortest side from left to right or right to left.

It doesn’t really matter, but I mount my components on the painted (white) side. And solder on the bare copper side. Just for looks really.

Ok thanks, but how do you hold the part or wire in the hole to solder it underneath. That is what I was wondering.

Just bend the wire slightly to one side. For a resistor, for example, bend the excess wire ends on the bottom side so they point away from each other. Leave them long until you solder them, then clip the excess off. That way they don’t fall out. Jumper wires etc are the same deal. Just a little bend right where the wire comes though the hole will keep things in place until you can solder them.

Aaah, so simple and I didn’t think of that, doh!


It wasn’t obvious to me the first time I did something similar. Many years ago now, lol. There’s always that first time doing something, and not knowing or not being sure if there’s an easier way. ;)