pHAT BEAT and Spotify Connect

I really want to get Spotify Connect working on my Pi Zero W + pHAT BEAT boombox. I can’t see that there’s an obvious way to do this with the mainstream routes (airplay is as close as I can get, but as I have an android that’s not massively useful).

My googling has found this: - which seems to do exactly what I’m after. My main question is what do I need to do to get this and pHAT BEAT talking? I’ve got the pHAT BEAT assembled and tested it with VLC Radio and it’s working great, so getting it and Spotify Connect talking is all I need. I can’t seem to get omxplayer or anything else to output to the pHAT BEAT at present, but then again I haven’t tried very hard yet. Then I can write a (python) script to do the VU meter lights.

EDIT: Rats, looks like that doesn’t support Pi Zero. Ahh. If anyone knows of a way to do Spotify Connect on the '0 then let me know!

@sandyjmacdonald is working on a solution to stream Spotify to pHAT BEAT (or pHAT DAC for that matter), including transport control. Not sure if that would fit your requirements but if so you might want to wait until his efforts are out in the open.

… hiis solution relies on Mopidy and the Spotipy lib so if you want to delve into this yourself, you can always check the project outline and see if you can win that race ;-)

That looks like it’ll do the trick.

I’ll wait until I’m really tired and hungry and then I’ll have a go :)