Phat Beat - Pins that are free for driving LCD, IR sensor etc


Hi, Building a radio using my pi Zero W. I have a non functioning portable radio which has the speakers and an LCD. The Phat Beat will provide most of the functionality needed - but not all.
Would be helpful to know which of the 40 GPIO pins are actually used by the Phat Beat and which ones are available for other purposes. Can you please share that information?

The Phat Beat will be used for DAC, AMP and perhaps button control - but I also need to attach an IR sensor and an LCD. To get access to the gpio pins for the LCD/IR sensor I am intending to mount a ProtoZero to the Pi Zero W and then mount the Phat Beat to the ProtoZero - that will give me access to the GPIO pins the Phat Beat isn’t using as well as the Power and I2C pins (if your using the pins I would use to drive the LCD I would use an I2C LCD instead) .


as noted in repo:

… well, it details the 28 GPIO, plus the power and ground pins, to be completely accurate.