pHAT DAC and Class D amplifier?


I’m interested in the pHAT DAC, but just wondering about the landing for the RCA connector - instead of the RCA connector, can I just wire this up to a class D amplifier?

Thinking something like this:

Would there be any issues with this? Thanks


Hi! Sorry for bring this thread up! (And sorry for my english!) Did you wired the dac to the amp? How about the sound quality? I was thinking to do something similar, or maybe with a headphone amp.Thanks in advance!


It should work just fine.


Thanks for the response!. So, the sound quality (24bit 192khz) is not affected by the amplifier? Is that ok? Obviously , the speakers should be of the same quality.


Hmm… that’s a tough question.

It will be affected somewhat by the amp. It’s like comparing a cheap £50 amp and £50 speakers to an amp and speakers that cost £1000 each. I guess the £1000 ones will sound better.

The amp and speakers are definitely the limiting factors, with the speakers probably being the more limiting. I imagine if you hook up a decent pair of speakers to that amp then it’ll sound pretty good.

Sorry if that’s quite a vague answer, but it might help?


Yes it helps! I think the same. I will try with a small decent amp and a good pair of headphones!