pHAT DAC, headphone audio level low


hi all, I use phat dac with raspberry pi zero and Moode, everything works fine, I have only one problem the audio level on headphone is very low even though the interface of Moode is at maximum. There are some configuration parameter that allows to turn up the volume?


I believe the socket on the phat dac is a line out rather than a headphone socket and as such is designed to be connected to an amp first. A headphone amp would help or maybe even a Picade PCB depending on what your project is.


Hi and thanks for your answer…
Do you think that an Adafruit Stereo Audio Amplifier ( could work? Is the raspberry zero i able to power it?


I’m afraid that I know very little about amplifiers, especially the one in question so I couldn’t really say for certain. Looks like that one is more for powering speakers though as it doesn’t look like it has a headphone socket.