Phatdac Pi zero slooooow audio

I got the Pi Zero - love it , added a phatdac, it makes sound. I ran the installer from the phatdac install, and I DO GET SOUND, but it is slooooow, like playing through mud. Even when I run the install script the second time, and it asks “Do you want to test?” and I say “y” it plays the ‘Left Front’ ‘Rear’ ’ Right Front’ sounds and I HEAR the sound through my speakers, but the sound is like a dude with a super low bass voice is talking reeeaalll sllloooowwww. I use aplay or mpg123, or even mpd, and it is the same. I have a “The Offspring” mp3 file, and it makes sound, but again, it is sloooooowwww, not CPU slow, but audio slow, like playing a 45 record at 33 rpm speed ???

What’s up with this ?

p.s. I tried two pi, put the phatdac on either one, same thing.
I have Jessie, dist-upgraded to latest 4.4.14+ release,

Anyone else experiencing this ? I have not seen this on forum, It seems very weird for me to have done some mistake, to make it work… but to make it work so weirdly ??


It sounds like there is a sampling rate mismatch.

In theory it should make no real difference if you started with a recent image, but you might want to try and see if you get a different result by not applying apt-get dist-upgrade or even apt-get upgrade.

Did you dist-upgrade or rpi-update to the 4.1.14+ release? As far as I’m aware the latest kernel is 4.1.13+ which I installed last week to compile some kernel modules, so anything beyond that will be untested and unfinished.

I appreciate the answers, “uname -a” was returning 4.4.14, so I had done the dist-upgrade and probably the rpi-update also (thought it was best to always have the latest update ???).
I really do appreciate the answers Thank You.

I wiped my memory card and started fresh from scratch, (now only at 4.4.11+ ) and I was able to get it to work. The only thing I can think is that previously, I had edited a few things in my boot-config.txt to get hdmi output working (and maybe I had tweaked some things to get audio out the hdmi connector also), or maybe it was the dist-upgrade that hosed it up, (as Rogue M and gadgetoid alluded to). On the fresh OS install, and re-install of the phatdac software, as I said, It is Working, straight away no problems, easy peasy -> Happy.

Now I will go back and try slowly to tweak back to getting HDMI output working again, hopefully not messing up the audio. (I have vnc, and ssh, so I am not totally blind working with the Pi…)

Phatdac and mpd, and mopidy is a nice deal… man, I just wish I could get me some volume control…

really, Thank You for answering. Nice to know I am not alone out here.

Interesting… I checked one of my other pi Zero, and uname -a says:
"4.4.14+ #895 Sun Jun 26 13:39:34 BST 2016 armv6l GNU/Linux"
checking my ‘history’ and I do show an rpi-update command

Should I not be doing a rpi-update ?? does that give you ‘untested and unfinished’ ??

I figured dist-upgrade and rpi-update were ‘okay’ to do once in a while ??
Should I just stay at some OS level forever ??

Thanks, for your response, I do appreciate you Pirates.
Love getting little pirate booty packages in the mail.

rpi-update is indeed not recommended, it will pull down things that are highly experiemental.

dist-upgrade and upgrade are somewhat similar and it’s a good idea to run them once in a while, they are unlikely to break anything, though if you have a Pi with a specific function and it works as intended staying put is not a bad choice either.