Photo per min, life expectancy

I got the inky wHAT red a week ago.
I tried out and modified the github files.
Now I’m wondering, how long will it last?

Lets say I run: somerandompicture.jpg
every minute on a connected raspberry pi zeroW.
I run this continuously.
How long will the inky display last? How long will it’s usable life last that is.

On an old CRT display, you have burn-in. On LCD monitors, you have dead or stuck pixels. They still work, but just annoying.
What about eink? What are their practical usefulness in terms of time in my above given specs/usage?

I was Googling around for an answer and actually found a reply on this forum from a Pimoroni staffer.

We haven’t subjected our displays to anything more than 30 second intervals for tens of thousands of cycles- so we just don’t know what might happen.

I suspect nobody has pushed a Papirus to the limits long enough to notice any drawbacks and the same applies to our displays. You may be fine, but there’s no telling for how long.

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