Pi 5 power consumption

@John-one sorry, I did not want to offend you.

Please have a look at this post: Nvme base problems! - #38 by bablokb

Here you can see the Pi5 (plus NVME-base plus M.2-SSD) running. On the left you can see it booting, then you have an idle-phase at about 550mA. In the middle is a phase with heavy I/O followed by a second idle phase. Far to the right you can see the power-off current by nearly zero. So idle consumption here is about 2.75W. I compared that with my old data from a Pi4 (dto) and a Pi3B+ (2.5W). So it is not that much different. And all other Pis will have 0.5W after shutdown. The near zero current-draw after shutdown is unique to the Pi5 and really helps in a lot of situations. Needless to say there are use-cases which are not suited for the Pi5.

So if you see 4W in idle instead 2.75W and if you don’t see near 0W after shutdown, then something is wrong. And that is the purpose of this forum: if you want to fix your high current consumption, then you have to supply more details about your setup. If you are convinced that your setup is already perfect and it is a problem of your Pi5, then think about contacting support and returning it.