Pihub for two 2tb harddisks


i need to connect my raspberry pi to two external 2tb hard disks. would the pihub provide me enough power? i think each hard disk needs around 1.2 A. would thrre be still enough to power the pi itself? if not can i power the pi with a separate power source while using the pihub? if not, how can achieve this?

Hi Otto!

PiHUB should be plenty for that setup. The disks will likely peak around that current during startup then settle down to something more modest.

thanks! I will get one then. I assume I cannot buy it directly from you (I have not seen it in your webpage)?, so I should go through some other retailer?

Just because I am curious: I read that besides the usb port for the pi, which delivers 1.1A, the others deliver just 500 mA. How do they manage then to deliver enough current for the peak at disk startup?

If the pi consumes 1.1 A , the two disks 1.2 A each, thats 3.5 A in total, if the pihub gets 3A from the wall, how does it manage to cover all? I guess maybe that both disk peaks don’t come at exactly the same time maybe?

Sorry for my ignorance on electronics!