Pihub and raspberry Pi 3 will it take more power if needed on the deicated pi port?

Hi, I bought a pihub the other day as my rpi3 wont properly power a Western Digital 1tb drive.

Finally worked out where all the cables went via and fantastc I can see and use my hard drive via the usb hub.

I wrongly assumed the pihub would supply upto 3A to the pi but I see the dedicated port that goes to pi power supply is rated at 1.1 Amps.

I am basically using Kodi to play my legal films from the hard drive, rather than as a kodi streamer.

I dual boot Recalbox and openelec via CEC !

Anyway back to the question.

The RPI 3 comes with an offical 2.5A power Supply.

Will the 1.1A dedicated output of the pihub be enough to properly power the RPI3. Or would I be better to power the actual pi of the 2.5A offical supply and then power the hub on its own supply ?
I notice on Kodi I am seeing a lightning bolt when selecting stuff but then the movies play fine. I think I see this even without a hard drive TBH. Playing films via the pihub seems fine.

There will be nothing in the RPI 3’s USB ports.
I only plan to have an XBOX360 controller dongle and a 1TB drive connected to the HUB.

I just cant work out if the RPI 3 needs more amps if it can take it from the hubs 3A or is it only allowed to take 1.1 Amps.

Really appreciate understanding this as I don’t mind using the other supply but if it will draw what it needs seems a waste of time and will use the pihub supply.

It does look great by the way the design and look of the PIHUB

If you ever do a new one could you add a neat on and off button, so my hardive and pi can both switch off !

I use a inline switch for powering the pi on and off, I think hard drive will eventually go to sleep !

Any help would be appreciated.

If you go here, https://www.raspberrypi.org/ then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click FAG. https://www.raspberrypi.org/help/faqs/ You’ll get all kinds of useful info. In the Power section https://www.raspberrypi.org/help/faqs/#topPower you’ll that while 2.5 A is the recommended, bare board idle current is only 400ma. So in theory 1.1 A should be enough. Depending on what other things you have connected to USB etc. I would also expect the current draw to go up when the Pi is put to work. If you try it just keep an eye out for a flashing lightning bolt. That’s an under voltage warning indication. What often happens when you get close to the rated current a supply can provide, its voltage drops off.

You could if you wanted too, run the Pi from its own power supply. And run the hub from its supply. It’s the way I would go with a Pi 3B. Everything will work fine that way. Yes, the Pi will only draw what it needs. If it was a Zero W or A+ I’d likely have a go at powering it from the HUB.

Great I have a spare plug socket so will do some testing and see how much lightening I get !!!

The pi using Kodi is so much better than media player on XBOX . So far it has played everything I have chucked at it unlike the XBOX one.

Plex works well to.

I have a Pi 3B sitting right next to my XBOX One for that very same reason. It’s running LibreElec?KODI.