Picade additional USB ports

Hi I need some additional USB ports for my PIcade for my Pidrive, keyboard, mouse… is the 3 port hub suitable or would I require a powered hub?



Are you using one of the 3A PiDrive power supplies and their split power cable that directly supplies the drive?

If so, you should be okay to use an unpowered hub to combine a wire keyboard/mouse onto one USB port.

I guess that makes

  • Hub -> Keyboard + Mouse
  • Screen power
  • Picade PCB
  • PiDrive USB connection

Don’t try to combine screen, Picade PCB or PiDrive onto a hub without a powered one, though!

Im using your official power supply and the PIDrive split power cable but I’m currently having to unplug USB devices to free up ports depending on what im trying to do.

Just realized I have no idea how much power the PiDrive actually needs, and a quick Google doesn’t yield any immediate results. Are you using the 314 or 1TB model?

Its the 250GB PIDrive and I have attached a pic incase it has the power spec on the device