Pi-DigiAMP+ power questions

Product summary mentions this needs a power supply and that the attached Pi can be powered from that supply, but if there is mention of whether it’s included or not, i could not find it…

Is a power supply included?
If not, do you sell one?
Either way, does the power supply produce enough juice to run a Pi 4?


My interpretation is, It’s not included, but required.
It Delivers full 2.5amp to the Pi. I’m running my PI 4B from the older official 2.5A Micro USB supply with an adapter no problem. It should be fine with a Pi 4B.

What ever power supply you get, will need to be able to supply enough current to power your Pi and speakers. If you go here, http://iqaudio.co.uk/hats/9-pi-digiamp.html
There are links to a power supply,