Pi Juice Zero with square touch Hyperpixel display?

Wondering if the Pi Juice Zero and square multi-touch Hyperpixel display can tolerate each other?

Specifically thinking of GPIO 2 and 3 which both products seem to utilize but I’m not able to tell if they will interfere with each other.

Here are some general schemes:

Thanks for any guidance!

Edit: The idea is to build a semi portable Pico-8 gaming/dev console for the kids and I :)

not as a plugged stack, at least not without modification you’d need to reroute the GPIO 2/3 pins from the pi juice to the I2C port on the hyperpixel.

theoretically possible to physically remove those pins from the pi juice, jumper them over to the hyper pixel I2C, and jumper from the pi to the hyperpixel for the removed pins

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