Pi Pico with Pimoroni Display2 on 32blit

I’m looking to adapt 32blit-pico for use with Pimoroni Display2. It’s the same driver, I guess it’s possible.
Has anyone tried this before?
The graphics engine with sprites interests me a lot because the library developed for the display2 is really minimalist.
Thanks in advance.

Isn’t the 32Blit a STM32H750VB Cortex-M7 processor? And programed with C,C+?

The PicoSystem is RP2040 based though, and has some python examples.
1.54" color SPI IPS LCD (240 x 240 pixels) LCD though, not the 240x320.

32blit has been ported to picosystem. In the 32blit spec it is marked for picosystem and other RP2040 modules.
The picosystem screen is 240x240 but the native 32blit screen is 320x240.
That’s why I hope we can adapt 32blit or picosystem on the display2 screen.
The only difference I found is that display2 does not use the Vsync pin while picosystem uses the display Vsync pin.
I suspect that it is to improve the framerate but for simpler applications we should be able to do without it.
My difficulty is to find the files which must be modified because there are pieces of code everywhere!
Ps : I’m sorry for my bad english, my french is better !

Above my skill level, sounds like you know what your doing though. A Display Pack V2 on a 16mb Pico Lipo could be a cool little handheld game device, IMHO. I’ll be following this to see how you get on. Good luck.
@hel or @Matt may be able to help you out?

The folks on the 32blit discord would be the best people to ask, I reckon!

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Now, I’m also on it :)

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I found the answer on discord, thank’s for the advice