Pi zero just died

I just fried my raspberry pi zero. I used it in conjunction with a picon zero.

Update: I got it working. Picon zero works like a charm. I probably killed my raspi zero with some thing only noobs like me do. Right now I remote controll a little lego robot with the provided test codes from Picon Zero. Big thanks to 4tronics for their support!

Here is the old article, if you are interested.

Before you continue: The chance I messed up is very high, I don’t blame picon or pi, both are excellent tools and I just want to get them to work.

I followed faithfully the desciptions from picon zero website including software installation and hardware setup. There was no point in time, where I actually was using the picon zero. This was the first setup. I don’t know yet if the picon zero ever worked and if so, still works… I have one spare pi zero, but don’t want to risk it before I know, what actually went wrong. Can you help?

Here a few details:
Status components:
OS: jessie lite (updated), worked just fine over a month
SD Card: Just plugged the SD card into another pi zero and it still works just fine
Power supply: 5V adapter, same as I used over the last weeks
Picon zero setup

  1. Picon zero power supply set to external power supply
    motor power jumper set to VIN
    5V jumper set to RPI (not relevant according to picon zero papers)
    external power supplied by LEGO® Power Functions AAA Batteriebox (88000) with 6x1.2V AAA batteries)
    Lego Batteriebox outgoing line 1 (?V/+) connects to VIN, and GND/0V/- connects to GND

  2. Motor setup
    on picon zero motor A) LEGO® Power Functions M-Motor (8883)

No other pins are connected.

Raspberry pi zero state now:
no green LED, Wifi dongle doesn’t light up, no network connection. I assume it’s bricked.

Sorry, only one image…

@4tronix lurks around these boards regularly. Nonetheless, I would recommend you contact them via their website to assess possible fault in the setup or the unit, before you try it on another Pi.

Thanks @RogueM , I will contact them directly.