Pi400, hyperpixel4 and adafruit cyberdeck, not working together

Hello All,

As stated in the title, I have a new pi400, Cyberdeck and hyperpixel4. Using these in conjunction doesn’t seem to work. During boot I will occasionally get a flicker of the screen working for about .5 of a second, but otherwise only the backlight turns on.

I have tried to recreate the issue / isolate it with the devices I have on hand. here is what I have tried

Multiple Power supplies, ranging from 0.5 amps, to 2.5 amps. - no success.

I moved the sd card over to my pi3b and inserted both the cyber deck and the screen (no standoffs or header extensions) and the screen works just fine.

I also have tried to connect the screen directly to the pi400 (no cyberdeck) and it behaves just fine, however it is not useable since it is facing the wrong direction.

Here is a video showing the behavior of the screen when connected with the cyberdeck to the pi400

I have gone through the proper install script for the screen, I know it works since it works fine with the 3b and without the cyberdeck.
I don’t believe there is an issue with the cyberdeck since it works with the screen + 3b

this album shows the screen + 3B + cyberdeck working normally; the screen, plus pi400 working normally; and the screen + cyberdeck + pi400, where it just flickers on for a moment.

any help is greatly appreciated

I have seen a few similar threads on the Adafruit forum, don’t remember if a solution was found though?
Might want to post there, and or do a search on their forum for similar posts? It should increase your chances of finding a solution.

Yea I have a thread there, they recommended I also post a thread here.

OK, your one step ahead of me. Just so you know, I don’t own a Hyperpixel or a Cyberdeck. I just remembered seeing a similar thread on the Adafruit forum.