Picade improvements

Hello i just built up my picade and ive had some suggestions that could be made to the picade, 1st why have the picade come with the hdmi cable with the adapter wouldnt a short hdmi to micro hdmi upside cable be better and 2nd why not add the fan shim with the kit seeing that heat will become a factor with the raspberry pi. If anyone else has any improvements i would want to hear i might add them to my picade.

Hi , heat is no problem with stock pi clocks, i cover up all the openings with dustcovers and get max tempreature of 65 celcius , also you can switch the Jostick and buttons to better ones and you can replace the HMDI Cable and Display power cable to shorter ones. i use a Sanwa jostick and buttons and switched out the sd card for a 2,5 400GB SSD.

i will make soon a post with pictures and some tips and tricks like: correct vsync, set right resolution in raspbian pixel + kodi, deactivate swap file , activate trim for SSD. deactivate useless logging and so on.

I have my Picade now for 3 month and discover near every day something new
for example you can power the display via the usb-c connector from the pi itself and this means all the usb ports are free and you can have the full 1.2A to power any HHD / SSD.