Picade lighting ideas?

Given that the picade xhat is using up all the gpio pins has anyone found a good way to light up the top bezzel of the picade?

I thought it would be a good next project, and a fun way to customize it, what would be the best way to do this and how have others done this would love to see your ideas or suggestions.

The Plasma connector can be used to drive Neopixels etc. Assuming it’s not already in use.

Ah that’s interesting to know is their any documentation about how to do this online :D

Yes, it’s for lighting up the buttons, but you can do other things with it. And you don’t even need the Picade X to use it. I installed the software and ran it on a Blinkt. It also lit up the LED on my Fan Shim.

Picade Plasma Kit - Illuminated Arcade Buttons – Pimoroni
GitHub - pimoroni/plasma: Plasma LED driver, FX Sequencer and plugins

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