LED arcade buttons not staying alight when using Picade X HAT

I bought the Picade X HAT and have built an arcade cabinet with illuminated buttons. Everything functions correctly except the buttons only stay illuminated for a brief period after the initial start up. Is there a way to have them constantly illuminated while the Pi is powered on? I currently have them wired into the LED + and - terminals.

These ones?
Picade Plasma Kit - Illuminated Arcade Buttons – Pimoroni

If yes, you need to use the plasma connector, and load the plasma software.

If no, you need to wire them up to either the 3.3V pin and ground.
Or the +5V and ground if they are safe to use at 5V.

That was it, perfect! I’m using cheap Chinese buttons so it was just a case of moving the wiring to the 3.3v pin. Thanks!

That’s good to hear. They will be brighter on 5V, providing they are rated for use at 5V.