PiceCold - Cold storage for Bitcoin via Electrum using Raspberry Pi with Display-O-Tron

Ahoy! 🏴

just wanted to share my project made for the Display-O-Tron: https://pyotek.github.io/news/picecold/ (→GitHub project).

So what is it? It’s basically a neat user interface for an Electrum Cold Storage packed in form of a DOT plugin.

Since I’m using it kind of regularly, I hope it’s also helpful for others!

Any questions? Ask them right away!
Feedback? That’s why I’m here!

See you on board,


Short video showing the main functionality (transaction is read from USB stick you will not see in the video):

Looks like I could not add it to the main post because of new user limitations (that seems to be the reason why 2 links also do not work in the opening post).
To be continued: Currently thinking about adding Ethereum geth support as soon as I have the time to implement…