Household wiki with decryption dongles and Display-O-Tron

Hello all. I set up a Raspberry Pi 3 as a wiki server on our local network, to hold useful household information (insurance, utilities; all that sort of stuff). It’s encrypted, and can be decrypted by inserting a little USB dongle that both my wife and I carry.

It uses a Display-O-Tron for feedback, and also to quickly encrypt the whole thing again in case… I don’t know. Spies enter the house? Mostly it’s just for fun. I wrote up the whole thing, with links to relevant info/tutorials, and included a very brief (less than 30 seconds) video on my blog here.

If you just want the video, it’s on YouTube here:


Very nice! Love the idea - overkill perhaps - but knowing it’s possible is very interesting!

Would be great if this was a step-by-stel guide so people could follow from start to finish all in one place… Nudge nudge wink wink!