PICO - can't import name RTC

Hello everybody,

this might be a very easy question for some of you. My RasPi PICO shows the following warning on the shell of Thonny Python IDE:

WARNING: Could not sync device’s clock: can’t import name RTC
WARNING: Could not validate time: can’t import name RTC
MicroPython v1.14 on 2021-02-05; Raspberry Pi Pico with RP2040
Type “help()” for more information.

I noticed this warning was mentioned in one of the previous topics. However, in the other case it was connected to a malfunctioning of the pico. I have not experienced any malfunction … so far.

Does anybody has an idea how to get rid off this warning?
Thanks in advance and party down (;

p.s. I did read the help() page … wasn’t helpful … at least for me (;

What kind of code are you running on the Pico? It looks like it is trying to use a module for a real time clock which isn’t installed.

Hello Shoe,

it’s nothing special. I am just trying some stuff from the RPI_PiPico_Digital_v10.pdf Handbook. On page 48 the following code is just one of the once I tried:

import machine
import utime

led_onboard = machine.Pin(25, machine.Pin.OUT)

while True:

Then Again, I am not sure if it has something to do with the code I use. Actually, the warning appears after installing the bootloader (rp2-pico-20210219-unstable-v1.14-72-gd28dbcd6c.uf2). Is there a way to set the clock ⏱ ?

I had Thonny 's interpreter selected as the MicroPython Generic (indicated in the righthand corner bottom of Thonny 3.3.6 work area.
After I re-selected the Micropython(Raspberry Pi Pico) and reloading the shell with the stop icon, those two messages referring to the RTC , disappeared.
This interpreter change should work.
I have used the latest .uf2 Micropython firmware dated 18 March 2021 from the Micropython web uploaded to my Pi Pico board.
Used firmware for the Raspberry Pi Pico:

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