Pico Display Buttons w/ CircuitPython?

I’m just a beginner, so I apologize if this has been answered (I have been searching) or is really obvious.

I’ve got the 1.14" Pico Display Pack and would like to use to use as part of a macro pad for my Mac. I thought I would use CircuitPython since I already know how to integrate with keys and rotary switches.

But I would also like to use the Pico Display’s built-in buttons and RGB LED. Is this possible with CircuitPython? (example code and steps would be greatly appreciated - again I am a novice.). Many thanks in advance.

Maybe poke around here, if you haven’t already.

Edit: That kind of leads you here.
Welcome To CircuitPython | Welcome to CircuitPython! | Adafruit Learning System

Striking out here also. =(

Most of what I’m finding points to stuff like this.
digitalio – Basic digital pin support — Adafruit CircuitPython 8.0.0-beta.6 documentation

The import board isn’t going to work in your case though? That throws another wrinkle into it.

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately when I run the blinky example from digitalio-Basic digital pin support- page, it just flashes the pi pico’s LED, not the one on the pico display.

You would need to edit it to blink the Display Packs RGB LED.

Mine is setup as a Power Source Status indicator. Micro Python though, not Circuit Python.