Pico Enviro+ BME688 temperature accuracy

Hi, I’m trying to use the Pico Enviro+ as a temperature and humidity display, with the onboard BME688 sensor; however the reported temperature is consistently too high, due to the gas sensor heater. i don’t really need the voc sensor running; it’s nice to have but I’d prefer an accurate temperature reading.

Is there any way to turn off the heater using the breakout_bme68x Python module; or if not are there any workarounds you suggest?
i know the Bosch driver package does have options to disable the heater but I’m not sure how to make that accessible in Micropython / on the Pico Envrio+.


I’m wanting to do the same thing on my Pico Enviro +, for the exact same reasons.

I don’t think there are any ways of controlling the heater that are exposed to MicroPython currently - looks like there’s stuff relating to heater temperature that happens in the underpinning C driver though?

You could suggest it as an enhancement on Github if that’s something you’d find useful?

Under Pull Requests or under Issues?