Pico Explorer Base: compatible motors

Which kind of motors are compatible with the Pico Explorer Base? I don’t know (yet) how to figure this out myself.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any getting started tutorial for the Pico Explorer Base which could explain this.

The schematic shows that it uses the DRV8833PWP Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver. From its datasheet I take the following:

  • can drive two brushed DC motors or one bipolar stepper motor
  • output current (at VM = 5 V, 25°C) 1.5-A RMS, 2-A peak per H-bridge (PWP)
  • outputs can be in parallel for 3-A RMS, 4-A peak (PWP)
  • wide power supply voltage range: 2.7 to 10.8 V

Given its specifications, and considering how the driver is wired up on the Pico Explorer Base, what are good introductory/cheap options for DC motors (up to two simultaneously, right?) or stepper motors (at most one stepper motor, right?)?

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

The Micro Metal Gear Motors should be good. Or the Lego ones.
The H-Bridge is powered by VBUS, that’s +5V.
I don’t think you can run a stepper motor?