Pico Explorer display

Ive just got a Pico Explorer and so far I think its great. Im wondering if that analogue dial display shown on the packet and website is a mockup or a real image ? If real, does anyone know where I can find some sample code ?

can you post a link to the display picture you mean ,i dont have my packet anymore and the one i do see is just Tempture numbers

Hi. It is the dial in this picture. https://www.raspberrypi.com/app/uploads/2021/01/P1043110-Edit-Edit-768x543.jpg

Build your own - this may help:
Can you access FrameBuffer in Pimoroni PicoGraphics Micropython W - Support - Pimoroni Buccaneers

I’ve just put this up. Look at the end for the code.

Here is the code:

# Analogue Dial on a Pimoroni Pico Explorer with Pico Graphics

from picographics import PicoGraphics, DISPLAY_LCD_240X240
import math
import time
import random
import machine # for ADC pot

display = PicoGraphics(display=DISPLAY_LCD_240X240)

red = display.create_pen(255,0,0)
white = display.create_pen(255,255,255)
green = display.create_pen(0,255,0)
blue = display.create_pen(0,0,255)
black = display.create_pen(0,0,0)
yellow = display.create_pen(255,255,0)

# =========== Main Program ================
xc = 120
yc = 120
r = 103                                      # Tick outer radius
for p in range(0,101,10):                    # White Ticks at 10 % intervals
    theta = p * 2.7 -45                         
    theta_rad = math.radians(theta)          # Angle in radians
    yn = -int(r * math.sin(theta_rad))       # Calculate outer tick coordinates
    xn = -int(r * math.cos(theta_rad))
    display.line(120,120,120+xn,120+yn) # Draw the tick from centre
display.circle(xc,yc,75)           # Overwrite inner tick lines

# Counting up in fives
r = 74 # Length of hand
old_xn = 0
old_yn = 0
for p in range(0,101,5): # Percentages at 5 % interval
    theta = p * 2.7 -45
    display.line(120,120,120+old_xn,120+old_yn) # Overwrite the old hand
    display.rectangle(0,200,240,25)            # Clear text area
    theta_rad = math.radians(theta)
    theta_rad = math.radians(theta)
    display.text(str(p) +" %",100,200,scale=3)  # Percentage value as text
    yn = -int(r * math.sin(theta_rad))
    xn = -int(r * math.cos(theta_rad))
    display.line(120,120,120+xn,120+yn)         # Draw the new hand
    display.update()                            # Update screen
    time.sleep(0.3)                             # Delay
    old_xn = xn                                 # Store current hand end corordinates
    old_yn = yn                                 #  for overwriting in next loop pass

Just need to add a few numbers. - Have fun. (PS If the photo is real, I’d love to see the code.)

Here is my take on your photograph with the needle passing over the numbers. The more I look at it the more I believe it is a mock-up.

You can find the code here: