Pico Lipo SWD wireing issue

I tried to use the new Raspberry Pi Debug Probe with the Pico Lipo today. The SWDIO and SWCLK between the Pico Lipo and the Pi Debug Probe seem to be swapped. When I tried the straight through cable I could not get the Debug Probe to talk to the Pico Lipo. When I used a set of flying leads and swapped the IO and CLK lines between the two I was able to get them to program and debug.

I do not know which is backward, but it appears they are different.

I have been having this problem too - the Pico Lipo doesn’t seem to work with the Raspberry Pi Debug Probe using the lead supplied. I’ve tried two Debug Probes and two different Pico Lipos and had the same issue with every combination (openOCD fails with : “Error: Failed to connect multidrop rp2040.dap0”). Everything works fine when I use a normal Pico H.

I did manage to get debugging to work on the Pico Lipo using a homemade lead. Pimoroni should probably document this issue somewhere I think - I wasted hours, and bought a second Debug Probe, attempting to find the source of the problem.

Yes, the pinout is reversed on the debug connector on Pimoroni Pico LiPo! Agree that this warrants a note on the shop page at least, I’ll get on it.

Technically we established the standard first, but we’ll probably change the wiring on the next lot of Pimoroni Pico LiPo we make to match Pi’s ;)

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As I have no quick way to do a homemade connector, I ended up using the connectors #2 and #3 provided with the debug probe, connecting yellow to orange.