Picoprobe FC-001 kit how to setup software

I bought the picoprobe kit (FC-001), soldered two 20-pin headers. Soldered the 7-pin debug header on the lower edge of the board. Connected a RPi Pico H onto the board. Flashed the picoprobe.uf2.
The target is also a RPi Pico H on which I flashed an Arduino “flash_info.ino” sketch. I wired to the target Pico an Adafruit SPI FLASH BREAKOUT W25Q128JV (Adafruit prod.ID 5643). Since I don’t own a 3-wire qwiic to qwiic cable, but own a 3-wire qwiic to male dupont pins, I connected these 3 wires between 3 of the the 7-pin debug header of the FC-001 board to the qwiic male on the target RPi Pico H (see the image/link below).
So far, so good.
I Prepared a RPi400 to be able to run openocd and gdp.
However all the examples I have found on internet until now describe other (mostly earlier) setups, not a setup using a Pimoroni FC-001 kit. The examples I found describe in the wiring also to use a serial connection between the picoprobe and the target board. The wiring of the FC-001 kit does not provide serial TX/RX pins on the 7-pin SWD connector (or elsewhere).
Question: does Pimoroni provide a tutorial how to interface the FC-001 kit (hardware & software). If not, which tutorial Pimoroni advises me to follow to get things working? Thank you.


Got gdb/openocd working with the hardware setup, after google’ing, reading information from several sources, re-installing openocd, downloading 60-openocd.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d,
issuing command: “sudo systemctl reload udev && sudo udevadm trigger”
rebooting the RPi400,
cd’ed into the folder where are the project’s .bin, .elf, map and .uf2 files,
I started dbg again. Solved an error in file /openocd/tcl/target/rp2040.cfg
that ‘target/swj-dp.tcl’ was not found. I made the following changes in rp2040.cfg:

# Next 2 lines added by @PaulskPt
set _TARGETDIR /home/pi/openocd/tcl/target
set _TCLDIR    /home/pi/openocd/tcl
# Next 2 lines  modified by @PaulskPt
source [find $_TARGETDIR/swj-dp.tcl]
source [find $_TCLDIR/mem_helper.tcl]

After saving the modified rp2040.cfg file I restarted gdb.
I think gdb is running OK, although I think I need to make some fine-adjustments
See the screenshot:

gdb run output