Pico rgb keypad ( 4x4 ) not lighting buttons E or F

Recently purchased a Pico RGB Keypad Base - Pimoroni from my local MicroCenter.

Soldered headers onto a fresh Pico W, installed the pimoroni Pico-W uf2 firmware and tried the demo.py code.

All buttons respond to being pressed but buttons E and F do not light up.
I know all buttons respond to being pressed, because I have to press both E and F to get one color cycle to complete and move onto the next one.

The module uses I2C, so I don’t think it’s the soldering job or the connections.
Is this a hardware ( 4x4 pad ) issue?
What can I do to get it working fully?

The button press is i2c, lighting up the LED is done via SPI. Even so, if it was a soldering issue I would expect all or none to light up. More likely a board defect IMHO.