Pico RGB Keypad Base Buttons Always Pressed?

Hi all, I’m completely new to microcontrollers in general, so the answer to this could really be anything. I’ve just got myself a Pico and the Pimoroni Pico RGB keypad base. Initial tests on just the Pico all good. Lights all working as intended on the keypad. But I can’t seem to make the buttons do anything. When I tried to troubleshoot, it looks like the keypad might think that most/all of the buttons are always pressed down. Running a print command on the button states brings up mostly 57611, with the odd 40071 - no change upon actually pressing any buttons.

I didn’t solder the Pico (bought it pre-soldered) and I don’t currently even have the silicon buttons on (and made sure not to overtighten originally). Anyone have any ideas as to the most likely issue here?

Many thanks in advance. I’ve included the code used to check:

import time
import picokeypad

keypad = picokeypad.PicoKeypad()

while True:
button_states = keypad.get_button_states()

I’d give the board a good look over for any solder specs or blobs that maybe shouldn’t be there. If you find any you should be able to nick them off with a fingernail.

Another option is to contact Pimoroni Tech support via e-mail
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support - Pimoroni

Thank you very much! Honestly not even sure what did it in the end, but it was definitely just a connection issue between the pico and keyboard. Gave them both a good look over and brushed at anything looking a bit off and wouldn’t you know it, it’s suddenly all working just fine. Thanks again for taking the time to answer.

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Nice to hear its now working. I have one on my desk setup as a USB HID device (Circuit Python). I use it to launch apps from my taskbar and do a few other fancy things on my Windows PC.