Pico RGB Keypad Base

Hi All,

looking for a bit of advice I have a Pico RGB Keypad Base, and can get it working with different codes that are out and about but i am looking at using the keypad to control model rail, signals & points, to do that i need to work how to attach it to something like the sparkfun piservo hat, as all the model rail points are operated by sg90 servos.

any help at all would be appreciated.


Are you looking for a replacement for the piservo hat, or to pipe the pico regb keypad into it?

If you’re looking for a more direct method, without need of a pi+hat in between, something like this might be an ideal replacement for the piservo hat, no pi needed, handles the 5v sg90’s, and is VERY expandable

in the latter case you could just treat the pico rgb keypad like you would any keyboard, and connect it to the pi and go from there (for instance having macros trigger scripts)