Pico Unicorn and Display 2.0


I have an idea about a cool project of smart interactive alarm for kids. However I would like to use both Unicorn and Display 2.0 on the Pi Pico as displays. I’m quite new at tinkering with the Pico uC so I will need your help. I’m usually more into higher level of development than low level but I’m willing to learn.

So far I had a quick look at it and managed to make them run independently. It looks like they aren’t cohabitating well out of the box. So far, I just tried to run the both samples both hats connected at the same time to check what happens.

  • unicorn plasma work like a charm and display pack stays black except led
  • display demo works only if I disconnect the unicorn hat

Both hats are connected through mutual pins but I expected that using the PIO feature would enable me to make them both work at the same time as long as I don’t drive them at the same time, though I don’t really know how to do it yet. Could you please confirm me if that’s feasible or available out of the box or if I have to somehow modify the driver?

Sorry if my questions seem too naïve or basic. I hope someone can enlighten me so I know where to start from. 🙂